Commercial Bonds

Commercial surety bonds may not have a contract guarantee, but are required by an ordinance, regulation, or law.   There are many different types of commercial surety bonds, ranging from small licensing bonds to multi-million dollar guarantees.

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+ License and Permit Bonds
Required by ordinance or statutes in connection with specific licenses or government permits.
Examples: Appraisal, Auto Dealers, Contractor’s License, Health Clubs, Collection Agencies
+Public Official Bonds
Guarantee the services of public officials who are elected or appointed.
Examples: Public Notaries, Treasurers,  Commissioners,  Judges, Town Clerks, Law Enforcement
+ Fiduciary Bonds
Required when a service provider or custodian, defined as a fiduciary, has  responsibility to protect monetary assets of a third party.  An ERISA bond is a type of Fiduciary bond.
Examples: Offering 401k’s/ Retirement Savings, Money Mangers, Financial Institutions, Fiduciary Boards .
+ Janitorial Bonds/Off-premises Service Bonds
Respond to a dishonest act or damage caused by employees who have access to clients’ private property.  Examples: Commercial or Residential Cleaning, IT Companies, Equipment Servicing Companies
+ Supply Bonds/Installation Bonds
Protect companies/end-users who rely on a specific supply chain or the installation of specific materials/machinery.   Also referred to as Performance Bonds, which fall under our Construction Bonds. category.  Example: HVAC, Utility, Mechanical and Street and Road contractors may be required to bond compliance of their service contracts.

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