Service with a Sense of Urgency

Our service commitment is borne in rapid responsiveness, availability, and expertise. We guarantee a superior client experience!  The pillars of our service model are defined below.

  • Service Accountablilty Commitment

    We chart an annual service timeline for the entire policy term. We put daily service commitments in writing and audit our performance at defined intervals. Our clients know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

  • R&R Report

    We provide a user-friendly and comprehensive summary of risk that will positively impact the way you manage insurance.

  • Onboarding

    Our onboarding process is clearly defined. We meet your internal team, define goals for our relationship and provide a comprehensive packet of insurance information.

  • Claims

    We are dedicated to a positive claims experience. We facilitate communication, advocate for our clients and expedite claim resolution.

  • Safety and Compliance Support

    We capitalize on the wealth of safety support provided by the insurance carriers and supplement it with expertise. We facilitate employee training and site visits. We provide consistent safety content throughout your policy term.

  • Renewal Process

    We guarantee early renewals and a positive renewal experience. We commit to a 100 day renewal process that is proactive and controlled.

  • Client Advocacy

    IIC is your voice for all things risk related.  From contract negotiation to scary legal challenges, we represent your interests. Put us on the phone with lenders, in the room with attorneys or in between you and an upset claimant-we’ve got your back!

  • Referrals/Introductions

    We love telling others how great our clients are at what they do!  We strive to help you grow your business through introductions and referrals. We also introduce you to other service professionals who meet our standards for excellence.

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